Himachal - Naggar - Complete Travel Guide - 2024

Congratulations! You have decided to visit Naggar, Himachal - a beautiful small village and paradise if I must say based on our wonderful 2 month stay :) 

This guide, will give you everything you need to know about Naggar. Don't worry details are tried and tested :) 

Let's start the Naggar journey: 


Places to visit: 

(Distance - 1 to 15km from Naggar) (For 1 day trip)

1. Gauri Sankar Temple (Can go by walk)

2. Tripura Sundari Temple  (Can go by walk)

3. Nashala - Chamunda temple  (Can go by walk)

4. Rumsu Village  (Can go by bike and car)

5. Jana Waterfall (Can go by bike and car)

6. Soyal Waterfall and Village (Can go by bike and car)

7. Sajla Waterfall (Can go by bike and car)


(Tip: Always check weather and reviews in Google before planning your trip)


(Distance - 1 to 200km from Naggar) (For 1 day trip)

1. Bijli Mahadev

2. Anjani Mahadev

3. Solang Valley

4. Jispa

(Himachal Tribe - Major missing)

5. Kasol

6. Manikaran

7. Tosh

8. Manali 

9. Old Manali

10. Deepak tal

11. Atal Tunnel

12. Sissu

13. Lahaul

(Each place mentioned above requires a day for sure - plan accordingly)

(I will be sharing detailed guide for all of the above places in near future)


Restaurants to try in Naggar: 

German Bakery: Must visit if you are coffee and cake lover. 

Dolma Lama: For local cuisine. The Aloo Paratha at just 40rs and Veg thali at 80rs. The taste of each dish just delicious if you love Saatvik food.



Want to visit Manali from Naggar?  - Get on a Government Bus. 

Bus fare - 50rs for Manali

For women - 25rs for Manali. 

Bus timing -  Morning 8AM to 6PM 


If you don't prefer Bus then here you go for expensive options :)


1. Rent a bike - Per day  - 600rs

2. Rent a cab - Plan whole trip not just Manali


The Government Bus is available for almost every tourist place nearby Naggar.

Here is the short list if you want to travel by bus: 

1. Manali

2. Kullu

3. Jana Waterfall

4. Sajla Waterfall

5. Bijli Mahadev

6. All small villages that come on route of Naggar to Manali and Naggar to Kullu. 


Walking trails:

If you love walking, cycling then Naggar has many nearby beautiful trails. Below options you can try out: 

1. Naggar to Rumsu village - 5km

2. Naggar to Pulag Road - 5km

3. Naggar to Nashala - 3km (If you are up for cycling then you can try out route of Naggar to Jana waterfall - 13km)  

4. Naggar castle, Tripura Sundari temple, Naggar bus stand - the whole round walk will take you around 3km


Local experiences: 

  • Buy traditional Cap of Himachal. 
  • Try Siddu dish
  • Try Lingudi Aachar
  • Try Lingudi Sabji - You will love it
  • Must try - Dham Thali - Traditional thali of himachal consisting multiple sabjis and most delicious "Meetha Bhat" - Sweet Rice.

Expenses: (In INR)

Naggar is a small village - The cost of living will be less compared to other tourist places in Himachal. Here is the cost breakdown: 

Stay: 10K to 20k a month - depending on your choice of stay

Outside food: 3k per month (If you cook at home regularly - the cost will come to 1500)

Rent a bike: 600rs per day

Travel: Depending on your itinerary. (Tip: For long trips - plan group trips - it will save your money for sure and choose bus whenever possible)

Groceries: 2k - as vegetables and fruits are very fresh and cheaper compared to city.

Overall for a month - you can easily survive in 30k INR for a couple. 


Drop a ping to me for detailed itinerary :) Happy Travelling.