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About Darshali

Darshali Soni

Darshali Soni is India based author of more than 44 books. Her best selling series is "Let's learn" Series at the age of 22. Where she has written more than 18 books on different subjects like - Management, Creativity, Digital Marketing, Mind power, Decision making, Time management, Marketing, Getting rich and many more.

Darshali has translated following best seller international books in Gujarati language:

  • 177 Mental Toughness secrets of world class by Steve Siabold
  • The Power Of Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
  • The Psychology Of Money by Morgan Housel
  • Creative visualization by Shakti Gwain
  • Believe in yourself by Joseph Murphy
  • The Almanack of Ravikant Naval by Eric Jorgenson
She has also written books on spiritual stories. She is the author of a spiritual series called "Sanskrit Sahitya Shreni" containing books on Upnishad, Ved, Ramayana, Mahabharat, Sanskrit Natko, Baudhh stories and many more.

She is author of series "The Ultimate Guide Of Business" including four books on practical business lessons.

She has also written books on children stories such as "Tenaliram stories and Mulla nasrudin".

She's also been a youngest columnist in Phulchhab news paper since 2017. She has written more than 180+ Movie talks in Phulchhab. Her two columns get published in Phulchhab:

1. Movie message aka Movie Talks – Every Friday in multiplex

2. Champion Board – Every Wednesday (A series to become champion for life)

Apart from that, She has started concept called "Movie Talks" for the first time in India. Where she does not review the movie but tells a tale of sharing of Hollywood movies. Check out more about movie talks in following link:


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Whether it’s a book or any of your business document, I will translate it for you. Quality content plays important role while consuming knowledge. And also it’s always easy to understand in regional language. I am offering translation services for your better understanding. I translate in variety of languages such as English, Hindi and Gujarati.


Want to make your content document perfect? Need guidance from experts in writing? I am here to help you in editing. May it be generalized or special editing – I will offer good readability and professional finish to your content.

Ghost writing

Are you good with imagination but not good with words? Do you have immense knowledge but don’t have way to express it? – Here I will come to give you ghost writing experience. I will do the words work. This way your thoughts will be out for the world to explore.

Content writing

Do you want to write blog for your company? Do you want to have awesome content for social media? Or do you want to create amazing marketing presentation with cool content. I got you covered. I offer content writing services in English and Gujarati language.

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Cup of Tea


Very nice work by you. Please continue doing so and keep enlighting people.

Jignesh Datta


I read your powerful article name as "Woldclass Loko Jitva Mare J Janma Le Chhe". I am very motivated after reading this powerful article. This article is very beautifully drafted. Thank you very much for this Article.

Harsh Padia


Brought the book "The psychology of money" in Gujarati and the name of the translator is yours. you are doing good work. keep it up girl.

Saurabh ZInzuvadiya

Radio Jockey

Your articles have very nice messages. Great work

Kevin Paghadar

Owner of Redpost

The psychology of money translation is a huge gift for Gujarati readers. I read it in April and wished I could explain it in Gujarati to so many of my clients. Its a service to the Gujarati reader and language you did by making such high-quality work accessible.


Owner of wealth management and financial consulting firm

Saw your webinar on "Show your Work". Really helpful to all. Thank you.

Hiral Abhinav vyas


A nice book is written in Gujarati on the Japanese concept of Ikigai. To live a happy, healthy lengthy with some purpose in life. Very well written by Darshali Soni in very simple language. It is an all-time book to read keep on the bed side table and read a few pages daily. It will certainly change your life.

Sudhir Shah


I have read your article about "Vinamrta". It was superbly written and very effective. I also watched your video on the "Pomodoro technique" for focus - will follow that technique too. Thank you so much for inspiring me. Keep it up.



Your recent article on fear is just outstanding. Keep up the good work

Tushar Patel


Darshali is extremely knowledgeable Business Analyst. Attended her Business Analyst Training and she shared a lot of tools and methodology. She explains every topic in detail and ensures we understand every topic. Highly recommend her training sessions.

Nikita Unawane Das

IT professional

Darshali is a kind and compassionate leader that manages projects with care and resolve. She makes sure to include all relevant stakeholders in key decisions and ask questions to ensure alignment is reached and the project moves forward. I would recommend her for any PM needs you may have.

Toby Johnson

Head of Product at Phood

Darshali is an excellent business analyst. She helped analyze several projects and tasks for my company in the US for a period of over a year. I can say confidently that she is very detailed and and meticulous. She also provides great documentation and has great command over the English language. Darshali is also very good at performing QA and giving feedback. I highly recommend her.

Hector Torres

E-commerce Manager at ForEyes USA

I had the pleasure of working with Darshali on the same project and I really enjoyed working with her. I would definitely recommend her as she possess following qualities: 1. Confident and expressive 2. Have the ability to incur some positive changes in the​ working environment as well as to remove the past old beliefs being followed just for the sake of following rules. 3. Good in maintaining healthy work relationship 4. Good in balancing work and personal life and setting a limitation for each. 5. Good in communicating with clients and understanding the concepts. 6. Always available to support team and found great ways to tackle any situation. 6. Organized in her tasks, documentations and prioritize accordingly

Neha Gupta

Solutions Engineer

It's been great working with Darshali. In our first project together, she was dealing with clients from Singapore. She was great at gathering requirements, client communications and management business goals of both the parties. She was methodological in her work, and always to the point. She also went out of her ways to schedule a weekly casual catchup where work was off limits and the team got together to know each, often in friendly banter. The colleagues I connected with then are some of the people I'm closest with. I still have the pleasure to work with her and she has never tired in her efforts to do more, better and keep adding value to a project innovatively. Her contributions exceed more than just work, she's ready to lead cultural events, share articles, socialize with everyone and inspire us.

Varun Nair

Full stack developer

I am delighted to endorse and express my deepest appreciation to my teacher Darshali Soni. She has explained and taught me the importance and skills I require as a business analyst so brilliantly. I'm very appreciative and cannot thank her enough. I now feel I can look for a Business Analyst job and use Jira platform like a pro.

Frederick Wakulyaka

Salesforce Administrator

I have worked with Darshali on multiple projects, and I am impressed with her dedication and professionalism. Darshali has good communication skills which helps in coordinating with stakeholders at all levels. She worked closely with clients to understand the business requirement and identifying gaps, also able to communicate the same to Development and QA team. She also accepted the the additional responsibility of Scrum Master on few projects when required. With strong interpersonal skills and collaborative spirit she managed to built a good repo with technical team, higher management and the clients.

Anupam Chaplot

AWS Solution Architect

I had the pleasure of working with Darshali on multiple projects. She’s experienced and passionate Scrum Master. Her expertise in Scrum methodologies and dedication to fostering collaboration helped us deliver projects efficiently. Her ability to facilitate communication, remove obstacles, and keep us focused on our goals was instrumental in the projects we worked together. If you're looking for a Scrum Master who's not only skilled but also a joy to work with, Darshali is your go-to!

Vaibhav Harake


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