Exploring Naggar - Jana and Soyal Waterfalls, Himachal

Deep dive into the waterfalls of Naggar, Himachal.

You are in Himachal, of course, you love nature. And Waterfall will be on your list for sure.

In today’s Jaidarsh travel guide, I will take you to two waterfalls which are super nearby from Naggar. So, if you are staying in Naggar, planning to ditch the office for one day and travel, check out these two waterfalls 😅

Jana Waterfall

Soyal (Small village and waterfall)

Let’s start with Jana waterfall.

Reaching there

How to reach: From Naggar — you can take a bus or rent a bike or if you have a car — you are sorted.

Distance from Naggar: 13km (Good route for cyclists)

Road condition: Pretty good — only 1km around is a bit dusty when you are about to reach the waterfall.

What to eat?

Must try — Himachal Thali — sitting by the waterfall.

Restaurant recommendation — Try thali of “Maniram dhaba” — The whole experience — Red rice, Siddu, Rajma, Saag sabji or Lingudi sabji, Makke di roti — You will love it.

Why visit?

If you love waterfalls plus the drive to reach there is awesome — good views and the feeling of driving surrounded by countless tall trees — is something else.

Hidden Gem:

On the route to Jana waterfall, There is a small village called Nashala. A Very small temple with a really large garden area is a must-visit place.

You will find:

  • Calm and peaceful environment
  • Not a single noise of city life
  • Wherever you look — trees and mountains

After a short trip to Jana Waterfall, If you want to relax under the sky and rest — Nashala will be your place. If you are lucky, You will get to play cricket with the villagers too.

The joy of playing cricket in nature is unbeatable compared to stadiums or box cricket.

When to visit:

The roads are good and the distance is less. Jana Waterfall is a good place to visit if you are planning a 4 to 6-hour trip. Not the whole day. In all weather, it’s beautiful to go and spend time there.

If you want to cover 2 waterfalls in a day, then here is the second one.


Reaching there

You can go by bus or bike or a car

Distance from Naggar: 7 to 8km

Road distance: Not bad. Although you will need to park your vehicle once you reach Soyal — to reach the waterfall you will need to walk around 2km

What to eat:

Same as Jana waterfall — you will get traditional himachal thali — you can sit by the stream and enjoy your lunch. The food options are more here — you can try pakoda, momos, and siddu as well.

Note: Since they are serving you by the waterfall — the food dish prices will be high — confirm the price beforehand.

Why visit:

You can spend your whole afternoon and evening here. It’s so peaceful and surrounded by water, trees and mountains.

If you like to take a walk in the jungle — you can there. It’s a very small village, you will find locals there for good old conversations.

If you are planning a day trip — Soyal will be the perfect choice.

Hidden Gem:

When we visited Soyal, My friend tried Traditional alcohol which the villagers of Soyal make and drink. It was not that bad. I haven’t tried it though. You can try if you want to do something new while being at Soyal.

You will be able to find Cannabis plants almost everywhere when you are in Soyal.

So your mid-week ditch day is sorted or if you want a light Saturday trip — Soyal and Jana waterfall can be your best choice.

Loving living Himachali life.