Ancient temple - Bijli Mahadev - Kullu - Himachal

Bijli Mahadev — One of the best temples you will ever visit in Himachal.

We visited Bijli Mahadev with our wonderful friends — Vertika and Vishal.
Here we are:

The temple vibe of God Shiva made us speechless — So peaceful and serene.

The story of this temple is interesting. Every 12 years lightning strikes Shivling and it breaks it into pieces. Then priests wrap the ling with butter (Makhhan) and in a few days it automatically becomes as it was before.

It is said that God Shiva stops any troubles that will come on earth by taking the lightening on himself so devotees don’t get hurt.

How to reach:

You can go by car — the best option. Shout out to Vishal for driving so well :)
You can go by government bus also — but then your return time will be constrained.


  1. Don’t rely on Google Maps at all when going to Bijli Mahadev.
  2. It will lead you to dangerous roads.
  3. Keep confirming with locals on the road. They will guide you.
  4. They will tell you to take a shortcut — but that is risky so choose a long route only — it is longer by 4km hardly — but it is a safe road.
  5. The road after Kullu is not in super good condition — if you have a good car and good friends — you will be fine.


The total trek is of 3KM. The altitude is around 2460m.
You will need at least 3 hours to reach if you are trekking a small 2-minute break while climbing.

There are comfortable stairs with amazing views on every step.

If you are going with friends, you won’t even know that it took you 3 hours to reach.

If you are new to trekking, it will take more time. Due to good weather even if you take time — it will be fun.

What to eat:

Starting from siddu to Maggie to delicious rajma and rice — you will get everything. You will get food on the way too while trekking so need to keep snack packs in your bag.

Once you reach the top — You will find all the mentioned recipes.

And if you are lucky, some devotees will share “prasad” also with you.

Things to keep with you:

  1. Water
  2. Good shoes
  3. Raincoat in case it rains
  4. Glasses in case you want to take good photos
  5. Any energy drink while trekking you might wish to.

Must do:

Take a walking video of yourself once you reach the temple — a 360-degree view of you being surrounded by nature and mountains is just priceless.

The highlight:

The view from the top
The view of Bhuntar Airport from Bijli Mahadev
The constant mai mai of sheeps
The peace you will feel when you are sitting in the temple

When to visit:

You can visit in summer also — the weather is super pleasant.
In winter, for a few months — they close down due to snowfall — you still can visit in winter whenever it’s open for the public
In monsoon — you can go — keeping your mindset and raincoat ready.

Next time when you head to Himachal, Must visit Bijli Mahadev temple.