Top 10 Marketing Tactics for Low-Budget Businesses

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"Top 10 Marketing Tactics for Low-Budget Businesses"


Perhaps you are thinking about starting a new business, or you want to grow your current business through low-budget marketing ideas. If this is the case, then in this guide, you will find top low-budget marketing strategies for your business. 

Before you jump into learning marketing tactics, I want you to ask yourself a few questions:

1 Which kind of product or service are you offering?

2 Who is your target market?

3 Which online or offline platforms they use?

There are no universal marketing strategies for all businesses. By knowing answers to the above questions you will have a clear idea about which low-budget marketing ideas will be effective for your business. Let’s get started.


Low-budget marketing strategies:

Table of Contents:

1 Social media advertising

2 Freebies

3 Industry collaboration

4 Email marketing

5 Social media contests

6 DIY creations              

7 Content marketing

8 SEO & Online directory

9 Networking

10 Video content


1 Social media advertising

By the end of 2020, Facebook users are expected to reach 1.69 billion. Think about it. Rather than depending on the local market, you can go global. Through the minimum budget for Facebook Ads, you can reach to specific target audience daily. Not just Facebook but Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms offer PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. 

Why should you choose Social media advertising? – Low budget marketing idea, more beneficial compared to Print media and Tv advertising. 


2 Giveaway/Freebies

What kind of giveaway can you offer to your customers? It depends on the nature of your product or service. You can offer discount coupons, free content, or free E-book or free product samples to attract new customers. Some of the amazing Coupon deal sites like Groupon, Grabon can be useful for you as well.

Why should you choose a Giveaway? : Customers love good deals. 


3 Industry collaboration

Music streaming app Spotify collaborated with ride-hailing company Uber. They created a campaign called “A soundtrack for your ride”. Where a person could choose his/her music from Spotify while having an Uber ride. 


Both of the products were different but they had the same goal – “To attract more customers”. Collaborate with your business industry partners. You can organize webinars or discussions or conduct presentations through collaborations.

Why should you choose industry collaboration? : To tap into a whole new market, to get leads through email subscription for the webinar.


4 Email marketing

“If Social media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the “meet up for coffee”. The original 1 to 1 channel.”

- Erik Harbison (Co-Founder of The Marketing Help)


Erik has truly defined the importance of email marketing. Email marketing is a great tool for lead nurturing. To connect with your website users, you can offer them free bonus content for a subscription. Through this strategy, you can stay connected with users. There are many email marketing tools available in the market such as Mailchimp. You can choose the tool as per your requirement. 

Why should you choose email marketing? : To reach audience, to increase revenue.


5 Social media contests

This tactic is very useful if you are having an image-oriented business or you are a startup company. Through social media contests, you can connect with interested users, who have an interest in your product or service. At the end of the contest, you can offer a variety of rewards as per your budget such as your product or any service free for a month.

Why should you choose social media contests? : To get new leads. 


6 DIY creations (Do It Yourself creations)

When you are planning to use low-budget marketing strategies, you don’t need to spend money to hire graphic designers or video editors. You can create attractive infographics, images, GIFs, and presentations through using various online designing tools such as Canva, Analyze the market, what the audience likes to watch? What kind of design can create more engagement? How can you present your content and product in the best way? Design accordingly. 

Why should you choose DIY creations: People love to share eye-catching designs and easy to understand information.


7 Content marketing

 There are multiple ways to market your content and business. You can create content by writing blogs, creating video content, creating images. You can even create E-books. Make sure you create high-quality content. Which content marketing strategy will work for you? Depends upon your business category. 

Read more @

Why should you choose content marketing? : Consistent content leads to more engagement.


8 SEO & Online directory

If you are already doing business then the first thing you need to do is get your business registered in “Google My Business.” It will help you to optimize your business. Find other online directories relevant to your business and get registered. Apart from that, doing SEO of your business is an evergreen marketing strategy. Don’t know anything about SEO? Don’t Worry. Learn here:

Why should you choose SEO? : To increase visibility and get credibility.


9 Networking

Starting from LinkedIn to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest all are effective platforms for networking. Don’t just join the platform, engage as well. Join groups, forums, and engage in discussions. Get out there and meet like-minded people. With social media platforms, you can even nurture your relationships with existing clients, and learn from other business owners. Every social media platform has its own group of people and styles to work with. Learn the tactics to engage in all useful social media platforms. 

Why should you choose networking? : For brand awareness and to nurture relationships with the market.


10 Video content

Due to the new era of video content, the whole market scenario is changing. You don’t need to be a professional content creator to promote your content through video. Any business owner, service provider, freelancer can showcase their work or product or service through video platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok. You can talk about your products, you can also offer instructional videos, consulting to customers as well. 

Why should you choose video content? : An effective way to engage with customers. 


Don’t think that you cannot promote your business without investing big money in marketing. Yes, you can get good results with a low budget and right tactics. All you need to do is find the right marketing strategies which will work for your business.

Tom Fishburne said it best,

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

Don’t just read about marketing tactics, start working on your ideas. Start hustling.