What did you do last week?

Today's content piece is inspiration taken from Austin Kleon. He frequently shares the top 10 things happening in his life which can be useful for someone. It can be anything starting from a good movie to an interesting blog, music, place, or book. 

This type of content piece gives us an overview of something which might be different from our taste. It might help us to develop a new hobby, or come across something useful for our career or personal life. It’s more about what is your perspective while reading it. Let me share my treasure of share - which might help you or cheer you up may be. 

Here we go: 

Must watch:

If you are a fan of living a simple life, if you are constantly feeling that the world is going in the opposite direction of progress - then you should watch the talk of Jon Jandai - his thoughts on simple living, goals, and the race of living in city life will blow your mind. 


Must read:

Tim Denning has become my favourite, As I read all his newsletters. I especially bring out the time to read his content and to make sure to implement the advice which I loved the most. 

His recent newsletter on "Naval Ravikant" I loved it. As I could relate with him. I had the opportunity to translate "The Almanack of Ravikant Naval" book and Tim shared the ideas from that book too. Here I am sharing the link too - must read if you are a fan of reading real talk not just superficial motivation.  

Must go:

Recently I visited one of the mountains nearby my city. I have read it somewhere that 

"Trekking is also a form of meditation."

 I felt it was true this time. Being close to nature not only clears your mind but also gives you a feeling of ease. So my suggestion would be this weekend - don't binge-watch series and movies. Go to the mountains near you, go to the beach near you. 

Let me know what you think about this kind of treasure of sharing - You can also share something you feel would be good to share.