How good are you?

This is truly debatable. If you are - 

Complainer - 

"Hey! I am giving more than 100%. It's just my boss/client never appreciates it."

Confident - 

"Yes, I give my best - that is why I have happy clients"


"I try to give my best but not sure, If I am doing good enough"

The debater - 

"What is your definition of best - the answer depends on that. My answer might not satisfy you."

Overly Optimistic - 

"I always give my best and I know people love it."

You can be any of the above or maybe someone different. Whichever personality you have - I want you to think about - "Accountability" today. 

Because - 


  • Getting the client is not enough.

  • Getting the shit-load of tasks on your to-do list is not enough.

  • Completing the projects in time is not enough.

  • Earning a hell lot of money is also not enough. 


When it comes to talking about yourself and working in public, we always try to speak what people want to hear. But hey, ask yourself today - 

  • "How good are you at what you do?"

  • "Are you giving your 100% or you are doing it for the sake of it?"

  • "Do you still have the drive that keeps you going or is it getting lost in between the social world and race of becoming a millionaire?"

No need to answer me or anyone else. Just answer yourself! 

This feeling of realization will give you the push that you needed. 

It will make you do your work/passion with 1000% intensity. 

Ultimately, what's the point if you are not gonna give your best right?

Food for thought: 

  1. Evaluate yourself - how good are you right now?

  2. Create an action plan - how can you start giving 100% if you are not right now. 

  3. Accountability is not related to work only - giving your 100% attention to the present moment, whatever it is you are doing - being there 100% is also being accountable. - Take accountability for your life!

  4. Not holding back and speaking your mind is also being accountable for your work, life and thoughts - Speak up!