How effectively can you manage yourself?

Self-management - do we often focus on this? or we are too busy with team management, time management and world management :)

It might seem philosophical but spiritual scriptures say - "Starting from birth to death - we only have one thing with us - ourselves"

If we are not focusing on ourselves then maybe we should start. Let me share why self-management is a must for us: 

  1. To keep your mind and heart sane

  2. To be the best version of yourself

  3. To live life truly - not based on what others are doing

  4. To be able to live the purpose of life 

  5. To keep your body and mind muscles strong


How can you do your best self - management?

  1. Never get satisfied when it comes to learning

  2. Keep growing yourself - have new experiences, and learn new skills. 

  3. Prioritize your time and ENERGY

  4. Prioritize your goals

  5. Most importantly - Prioritize your happiness 

I feel that spiritual scriptures are right - ultimately if we keep on investing in ourselves - we are the ones who will get good ROI too. 

Start investing in yourself. Be the best in self-management.