Get rid of your plans!

Get rid of your plans! Let me tell you why.

Why are we so much obsessed with having everything planned out?
- For peace of mind
- To get rid of insecurities
- To give false hope to our mind - that everything is in our control
- To take care of things in advance so that no hiccups are there. 

I agree with all. I am a big fan of planning things out in super advance. But for a few months, I have been experiencing the joy of unplanned life. 

I am talking about unplanned trips to be specific. For a few months, we are planning the trip in 10 to 15 min and going to beautiful mountains at weekends. Here is what unplanned trips taught me about life as well: 

1. Life becomes more interesting if you don't try to control everything

This is my favourite, as I have a habit of planning everything out and making sure, everything is going that way. But when we go on an unplanned trip, we have to rely on real-time experiences. 

- You might miss out on the time to reach the place
- You might meet noisy people in the beautiful calm mountains
- You might meet interesting people from around the world to explore nature.

But all the good and bad experiences of that journey teach us to be in the present, solve problems in real-time, and feel the joy of the present moments

2. Things can go wrong, But we have a choice to come out of it.

Not all trips can be joyful. Starting from your vehicle to your health, traffic, weather, people, and rules of places - many things can change your whole trip. But there is again a positive perspective - as we humans always adapt to situations, we learn when things go wrong. 

3. Don't panic, At the end, things will become right.

When things go wrong - we have two choices: 
Either we can panic or with a calm mind - we solve the problem and enjoy the rest of the trip. It's normal to panic at first - but with a calm mind, you can find multiple ways to come out of the problem - just like life - it pans out always right!

4. People are much more interesting than we see on digital platforms

Trust me, When you travel - you meet so many kinds of people - different languages, different cultures, mindsets, thoughts, behaviour - these all teach you some good hacks of life too. 

5. New experiences bring out the best in us

New experiences help our mind muscles for sure. New places, new people, and the joy of an unplanned trip will make you flexible at some point. 

For all these lessons, I would like to thank my husband - who is the one planning these unplanned trips. :)

Have you ever gone on unplanned trips? How was your experience?