Don't read it!

Don't read it!

Sometimes I feel that we have mistakenly accepted that we should read everything that comes across us in form of message, notification, video, audio, post - any format may it be.

Get it in your head today along with me!

1. You don’t need to read everything

2. All content is not helpful for you

3. Every content is not gonna add up to your life - some content may bring chaos to your life

4. Not everyone is right

5. Not everyone is God - Just because most “Influencers” are saying - we are not gonna face inflation.

Then how would you decide, what to read and what to ignore?

Ask - “Does this content help me in my life?” Or “Does it drain the energy away from me?”

Don’t bombard your eyes, brain and feelings with nonsense - all kind of information. Be mindful when it comes to consuming content.

1. Read what you need to learn

2. Read which gives you joy

3. Read which add ups to your life

4. Read which helps your mind to grow

5. Read which helps to open your mind doors

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