Can you read your mind?

Can you read your mind?
Let me tell you why should you?

Which is the one thought that keeps on coming to your mind?
Like it’s your favourite song it keeps on playing on your mind the whole day long or whenever your mind feels free.

Is it related to your career?
Is it related to your personal life?
Is it related to your job?
Is it related to your business?
or is it related to yourself?

Rather than just reading this paragraph I would suggest writing down that particular thought that you keep on having.

Spend some time today to work on that particular thought. For example, if your mind keeps on telling you every day that
"I am not enjoying this work!"

Then it’s time to sit down with yourself and think about it:

Why are you not enjoying your work?
What is the root cause of it?
From when did you start not liking your work?

Ask all the questions that you can think of to analyse that thought and work on it.

I assure you that it will not take more than 10 to 15 minutes to figure out why the thought keeps on repeating.

Why does this exercise help?
It helps you to clear your mind and focus on what is really important. so once you start to give attention to that particular repeating thought; you start to realise that...
The solution is simple or
It’s all about just taking action or
The thought is not worth your time.

It depends on the thought.

This is a simple way to stop your mind chatter and figure out the actions and organise your thoughts.

The short form of this newsletter is:

Analyze your thoughts
Organise your thoughts
And win your mind!