Are you still doing this?

Let me ask you a question which you might not like to answer.

How much time are you spending on social media platforms – scrolling, watching, consuming, judging, getting depressed, finding new ideas may be, comparing, enjoying?

The answer would be different for all of us.

But let’s go back and think of the time when these platforms were not existing. How did you spend your time?

- Chilling out with friends

- Going out to explore nature

- Reading books if you like reading

- Playing with your kids

- Going on a date with your loved one

- Learning some new hobbies

- Cooking new recipes

You might be doing some of the activities - or you might have stopped doing all.

When I started to write, I was thinking no one wants to read this kind of self-reflection content.

Most of us are in the race of finding the hacks of financial freedom or get started for business or hacks of productivity or getting famous and become influencers.

But hey, sometimes it’s required to reflect on your life and check whether you are doing what you are supposed to – or merely mimicking the whole world.

So I continued to write this piece. :)

What is the one activity you would like to start from today itself – which used to give you joy?