Are you a fan of meetings?

The question might seem silly to you, as many of you would be working from anywhere, working from home - remotely. The meetings might have become routine for you. 

But ask yourself - 

  • Are meetings worth it?

  • Are meetings always productive?

  • Are meetings required for everything?

You know the answer. 

Sometimes our calendar is filled with back-to-back meetings but most of them are not required. I am not denying the fact that meetings are required in some cases. Today we are talking about another end of the thread.

You know - what is the problem with meetings already. We all have been there. Now let's discuss what we can do about it: 

  1. Check your calendar - remove the meetings where you are not required. 

  2. Check which meetings can be easily discussed over text or mail. - Cancel that. 

  3. We, humans, tend to talk - a 5-minute discussion might become 30 minutes in meetings. Avoid that. Unless it's a good and healthy conversation.

  4. Check which are the meetings that are time-eaters and most of the time, nothing productive comes out of it. Remove them too. 

Note: The same goes for physical meetings. You don't need to go to every meeting. 

Learning here is -

“If you don't value your time enough, no one else will.” 

Manage your energy and time mindfully.