Manjhi - The Mountain Man

There is an old saying - nothing is impossible. We have heard this infinite times may be, but most of the time we laugh it off by giving a lot of excuses - when this saying has been thrown to us. 

But what will you say to a story of a Mountain man - Who spent more than 20 years making a road by breaking the mountain? What if he had given thousands of excuses? “Dashrath Manjhi” Road will not exist in Bihar, India. 

Today, I want to talk about a movie named - “Manjhi - The Mountain Man”. Released in 2015, This movie is based on the true story of Dashrath Manjhi. 

In the 1960s, Dashrath Manjhi lived in a village named Gehlaur, Bihar. The movie showcases the culture of Bihar, its People, and the difficulties of living in such a small village. If people wanted to access hospitals or schools or any of the facilities, they would have to cross the large mountain and then reach the other side. No one ever thought of making the road there. Until Dashrath decided. 

Darshrath’s pregnant wife fell off the mountain and died. He crossed the mountain - taking her wife to the hospital - still, she did not survive.  This incident sparked a fire in Dashrath’s mind. He decided to break the mountain and make the road. 

Imagine this, without any equipment, man force - Alone Man decides to make the road by breaking the mountain. - Does it seem possible to you? It would not even seem sensible to you. 

But remember this was during the 1960s time. After his wife’s death, he would go every single day to the mountain - break the rocks, try to make a road. He did this for 22 years. Yes, 22 years. 

No Government came to the rescue. After 22 years, He made the road and villagers started using it. It was an impossible dream. He made it happen. In 2007 he died. After 4 years of his death - The government made an actual concrete road on which Manjhi created with his effort of 22 years. 

This movie makes you think about a lot of aspects of how we are living life right now. We are living in so much comfort today - even starting one simple blog post or starting a small startup - seems impossible to us. Or rather difficult for us. What if Dashrath has thought - “This is a difficult task” “I cannot do this alone” “I would not be able to complete the work” “This is not worth it, my wife died - what’s the point?” 

At some point, we all come across such scenarios - where a situation, decision, choice, or dream - seems impossible or difficult to achieve. But we often let negative thoughts take the lead and give up. I am not talking about this movie because it's inspirational. I know there is infinite inspiration out there that people can explore and maybe implement it sometime too. 

I am talking about this Movie - Because it gives you the realization that how weak we have made ourselves. How we have forgotten our strength as human beings. How we have merely become slaves of social platforms, Mobile phones, watching mindless OTT series. 

I would say - if you want to wake up - watch this movie once. Don’t keep your high-level expectation of a good script, extraordinary screenplay etc. It’s a movie from 2015. Rather try to grasp the message of the movie.

Consistency, not giving up, hard work, focusing on the goal, having self-confidence and Love for his wife - Dashrath did the impossible with all these capabilities. We can at least try to work on one of the skills. 

This weekend, Watch Manjhi - The Mountain Man. Instead of “Really interesting” (Mindless) Movies and series.