Eat Pray Love

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The journey of finding oneself is - "Eat, Pray, Love"

So let's find out today about a movie that is about finding, understanding and embracing yourself. The name of the movie is "EAT.PRAY.LOVE" starring Julia Roberts, a very famous Hollywood actress. This movie is made from a book. The book is also called "EAT.PREY.LOVE" and is written by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book was published in 2009. So the movie was made on it in 2010. This movie is based on the life of the writer. She goes through three phase of life and find herself back. We will start with the first phase of her life: (Elizabeth is referred as Liz in the whole content piece and movie too :)


Phase number: 1


After a divorce in their first marriage and a short love affair, Elizabeth makes a new decision. This is where the true story begins. Liz (the author's other short name) decides that she will now - travel to these countries - "I" - ITALY, INDIA & INDONESIA and will buy tickets for these three places. 

She decides to spend the rest of her year in these three places. First, she goes to Italy. Because Italy is most famous for food. Liz is also very fond of the new dishes. Pizza, new friends and a new place give her a different kind of healing and peace.


Phase number: 2


She goes to a monastery suggested by her boyfriend David to be spiritually healed. The name of this ashram is "Harimandir Ashram" which is located in Gurgaon. There, she meets a man named Richard. He explains to her many lessons of life such as - to forgive others as well as oneself by explaining his life story to her.


Phase number: 3


At the end of the year, Liz goes to Bali to meet "Ketut" and learn meditation from him. There she meets Philip who is into import-export business. They both fall in love with each other since they are divorced. But both of them stopped falling in love for fear that their love will be broken or lost again. Yet Philip again believes in love and speaks to Liz from his heart. Even Liz is afraid of love. In the end, they both deal with their fear as they choose to embark on their love journey.

Now let’s dig into what this movie teaches us:


1 "Dolce Far Niyante" - Sweetness of doing nothing.

We cannot sit still. Can't enjoy life, constantly running after any desires. Liz learns this word in Italy and enjoys life in the true sense.


2. “Buy It For Yourself”

Mostly we do everything for our people. We buy whatever our loved ones like, wear the same clothes, and do whatever they like. Loving ourselves and doing any work or any purchase for our satisfaction is also essential in life. In the movie, Liz buys new clothes for herself to realize that she does not need man to love herself. 


3. "Ruin is a Gift" - Destruction is the creation of something new.

Often we become so accustomed to a monotonous and certain type of life that we cannot tolerate change suddenly and unexpectedly. If you fall once, you will learn to stand up a second time. Once everything is destroyed, a new creation will take place.


4. Surrender

We are so caught up in the logic and beliefs of our minds that we do not believe in God. Doesn't God even dedicate himself to a person? Leave everything at once. Don't try too hard. Have faith.


5. Balance

Not just the brain. Not just living from the heart. Coordination of both and balance of both are very necessary. Not too far and not too close. Something like this is to be learned in life.


6. Acceptance 

To accept oneself, to admit one's mistakes, to see everyone in life as a guru, to love all, to have faith in God and life, and to seek the truth.


7. Atravarasiyamo

The most famous and useful word of this movie. This means: “LET’S CROSS OVER” which means forgetting all the mistakes of the past. Don't even think about what could have happened. Now think about what to do and what not to do. As well as get together on this lifeboat from one shore to the other where happiness is.


You will still learn many new lessons when you watch this movie. Whether you are of any age in life, successful or unsuccessful at any level - once you watch this movie, you will learn some life mantras. What could be better than finding a new way of living from this movie?