Black Swan - Oscar Winner

Black Swan - Which one are you?


There are two personalities within every human being. The only difference is that they know when to bring out which personality out in front of world. 

There is a poem by Charles Bukowski called "Blue Bird". Read this sometime. It's about a bluebird inside a person. Similar story is of today’s Movie - “Black Swan”

Today we are going to talk about an Oscar winner movie which talks about the magic between these two personalities. The main character of the movie is - Nina. 

Nina Sayer's mother was Erica Belleri. She wanted to make Nina an excellent successful ballerina. So Nina joins the class. There is a "swan performance". The plot of this performance is something like this -

"The white swan is very beautiful and naive. She falls in love with a prince. She does everything she can to get him. But she has a black swan in her contest. She ensnares the prince in her love. And Black Swan wins. "

There is a lot to be said in such a short story. Nina has got the role of White Swan. Her rival is the excellent dancer Lily playing the role of a black swan. Her teacher's name is Thomas Leroy. These can be called the main three characters. These characters will teach you a lot in the movie.

This 2010 Oscar winner movie will definitely make you think about yourself once again. 

So let’s dive in: 


1 I just want to be perfect

The tagline of the movie says a lot. Nina wants to be an excellent swan. She gets a chance to be the White Swan in the performance and the Black Swan. You will learn from this movie how human beings throw precious time of life into the worm of perfection and how sometimes perfection proves to be more harmful than beneficial for you. Sometimes incomplete is more fun than incomplete.

2. Fame

In today's age of YouTube and social media, the appetite for fame is growing day by day. Everyone wants fame. Nina was also running in the race. You can see in this movie how much she compromises with herself for being famous and how she can't even recognize herself later. Sometimes it is true that - "The hills are green from afar."

3 Two faces

The white swan is a symbol of innocence and development. While the black swan is a symbol of luxury and sexuality. Every human being has these two qualities. The only difference is that not everyone knows it. However these two personalities have equal importance in life. The importance of goodness cannot be understood without bad. Recognize your two faces and learn to use them at the right time.

4. Friendship and enmity

Nina and Lily are easygoing. But you will understand how his friendship turns into enmity in the race to get a role. When it comes to maintaining friendship in life, do everything. Because friendship is a relationship in which there is no blood relationship - the person accepts you as you are and supports you. If you have such friends, always keep them. 

The movie, which came out in 2010, became very popular. The main character Nina is played by Natalia Portman. While the role of Lily is played by Mila Kunis. The teacher role of both is played by Vincent Castle. This character is interesting.

You will have fun watching how Nina teaches her mother, teacher, and her own performance in the movie. A small thought or mentality changes the whole outlook of our life. Sometimes such a movie should also be seen.