Steal Like An Artist

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Nothing is original. Yes, You read it right.

Yes, every creative idea you have come up with until now – was already there. All you did was to make your own version – your creative version. That is how your creativity is different than original version.

Does this offend you? If yes, then get over with – as its truth. But here is the good news – you can learn top creative techniques – which can make your work unique – and you can become actual artist.

Today we are going to talk about a book called – “Steal like an artist” by Austin Kleon. I am going to share top 10 creative techniques with you. Let’s get started:


1 Steal like an artist

Start observing everything around you. Look for the ideas, look for the people you can learn from.

Remove the mindset of “I don’t want to steal ideas from others.”

Do you know why?

“Nothing is original. When you try to copy something, you can’t do it 100%. Your own uniqueness will be added there automatically.”

So don’t worry.

Where can you find creative sources?

1 listen to experts

2 listen to good music

3 read good books

4 learn the art you like

5 watch good movies

But remember, if you try to learn and practice all at once, you will get crazy. So one thing at a time.


2. Find yourself

You will not find yourself instantly. You have to work hard. You have to keep going. You have to follow “fake it till you make it.”

Keep working, and you will find yourself.


3. Write what you want to read

“Write what you know” – this is bad advice

“Write what you want to learn, want to read” – good advice.

For example: write down the sequal of your favorite movie or book.

“Don’t just do research – do the search.”

What you want to learn?


4. Creative environment

Have two dimensions in your office – one is analog and second is digital.

In first side – do all the activities with your hand – like painting, making documents etc

In second digital side – have your laptop and smartphone to work for you.

A good way to get your creative flow running.


5. Hobbies are important

Don’t always indulge yourself in work. Do what you like as well. Like going out, listening to new artists, meeting friends.

Learn “productive procrastination”

You might be working on more projects. At that time, learn to give priorities – which project is more important and which is less – work accordingly.


6 Internet can be your go to platform.

You can put everything related to your work over there.

May it be your blog

Or video or podcast or any creative designs you are doing.


To put your content out there, you can use many strategies such as:

  • Create your website
  • Have social media presence

The rule is simple, “if you don’t share your work, how people will come to know about you?”

So keep sharing, You never know from where you can get the opportunity.


7 Connect with the right people

You don’t need to travel another city or country to work with like minded people. Today’s scenario and internet has made it super easier for us to connect with people and work with them all around the world.

Now the world has become a village in true sense.

To give extra boost to your creativity, be part of creative communities, connect with like minded creative people – like writers, film maker, artists – or related to your career as well.

In case you don’t like to indulge with people then start learning from books, movies, music and art you like.


8 Be kind to yourself and others as well

As we discussed, the world is smaller, if you are rude to someone on internet, in no time people will start making assumptions and statements about you. Remind yourself that internet comes with condition applied. If you are good to others, people will be good to you. At least you can hope.

In this era of social media, you should learn mindfulness, what I mean by that is – you should know that what to accept, what to respond and what to ignore on social media platforms.

Be kind to yourself, be mindful.


Just a small tip which I follow,

Make a praise folder of label on your email. Whenever you feel down or demotivated – go through that folder or lable. Read how people have praised for your skills and work, this will make you happier once again.


9 Be boring

Yes, at some point in order to be creative you have to be boring.  It means you have to be consistent in your work, regardless of the distractions you come across.

Learn to balance your work and the art you are working on.

Always keep on learning what you like the most.

When you are constantly working on yourself, it might happen that you would be super busy. Don’t consider yourself boring at that time. Just keep working. This boringness will give you good results.


10 Less is more.

Check your to do list right now. Get rid of the unnecessary tasks. Sometimes – less is more. It’s the blessings, you don’t need to work on 10 ideas one at a time, just choose 2 or three best ideas and start working on them. Give focus to important things only.