Inner Engineering - Sadhguru

inner engineering by darshali soni.png

Joy of Reading Session #1


Today’s book is Inner Engineering by Sadhguru. He is author, Indian yogi and founder of Isha Foundation.

Now let’s get into the book. The book is divided into two parts. In the first part, you will learn all about childhood of Sadhguru, how did he came across divine experience while sitting at Chamundi Hill, how was he as a student, what was his personality like.

Basically, first part is about Sadhguru’s life along with beautiful anecdotes and some of the best concepts to follow in life.

Talking about concepts, let me share some of the best insights I loved from the book’s first part:


Who am I?

Everyone asks this question to himself or herself during whole life. After his divine experience, he realized the answer was – instead of becoming this or that, he could be everything – if he was willing to. Same goes for us.


Focus on what?

How you want to live your life?  Not - What you want to become in life?


The funda about perspective:

"The only thing stands between you & your well being is a simple fact: you have allowed your thoughts and emotions to take instructions from the outside world rather than the inside."


My favourite Paragraph from the book:

"Life is has left everything open for you. Existence has not blocked anything for anyone. If you are willing, you can access the whole universe."


How to focus on innerself?

Pay attention to your inner nature!

If you are kind of a person who wants learn about spiritual concepts - such as body, mind, energy and yoga - then definitely give it a read.