10 Career Essentials

10 career essentials by darshali soni.png

What kind of personality you have?

Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

Do you take decisions by logic or feelings?

According to author of this book donna, these are the important questions you need to focus on when you want extra ordinary career.

According to her,  personality type affect a lot when it comes to your perfect successful career.

 Let’s start with most important and scary or may be not so scary question:


Who Are You?

Ask yourself following questions:

1 what is your personality type?

2 how you prefer to work? – alone or with team?

3 how would you like to learn and interact with people? Through – listening, watching, writing, reading?

To make your career journey easier, let’s understand top 10 fundamental strategies:


1. Learn from Everyone

Communication and good listening skill is the key to learn from people. People will talk about everything starting from – to share information, feelings, experience, emotions, feedback about anything or discuss their life even.

The key here is – be  a good listener and second stop multi tasking. When you are speaking to someone – focus on their body language.  Make eye contact. Don’t use your phone.  Listen carefully.

You can learn from everyone – if you are willing to.


2. Cultivate your curiosity

How can you do that?

Curiosity will lead you learn something new, develop new skills and gather information that might help you in your career or life.There should be one mantra in your career – curiosity and learning approach is key to success.

Keep updating your knowledge – whether its related to your career, or new skill. The logic is simple – if you know something then only people will need you.You might get new project because of your curiosity to learn something new. You might get promotion in your company – due to your constant willingness to gather advanced knowledge.


3. Define your personality type

According to popular test – MBTI – There will be 16 types of personality. Let’s jump into these categories:


Type A

Type B

Extroversion  and Introversion

“Let’s talk this over”

“I need to think about this.”

Sensing and Intuition

“Just the facts, please.”

“I can see it all now.”

Thinking and Feeling

“Is this logical?”

“Will anybody be hurt?”

Judging and Perceiving

“Just do something”

“Let’s wait and see.”


 “Act and adapt”



They try to uncover possibilities and test new ideas.



They like to analyze and organize.



They care about relationships.



They take in all the facts and combine them with what they already know.



They embrace new ideas and technologies.



They rely heavily on logic to make decisions.



 The focus on how a situation or problem affects people.



Based on your personality type, you will be able to set better goals accordingly. Also focus on your strengths and weaknesses.


4. Work on your perspective 

Let’s understand how you can do that;

Right mindset:

Being optimist to achieve success in career. Speak positive, act positive, be positive. How positive mindset will help you in workplace? Rather than vining about issue – you will resolve it.


How you dress, stand, talk and walk – showcases your behavior and attitude towards life. You better work on it.


Avoid criticizing people, gossiping and complaining.

Avoid negative environment and people.


5. Put Yourself in Charge

Remember – you are responsible for your success as well as mistakes. So stop making excuses and blaming others for your failure. Your commitment and actions will determine your success. And there is nothing wrong in getting guidance when in need. Understand what is right and how can you implement it in your career.  Keep working on yourself.


6. Promote your progress

  • You have to learn to speak for yourself. You have to present your work in front of managers and seniors – to show them what you are capable of.
  • Your skills, achievement and strengths will give you new opportunities.
  • Your achievements will also help you to build better network.
  • For self-promotion – you can also join good communities.


7. Solve your problems

Yes, its most important one. Let me tell you five step strategy to solve any problem:

1 define – what is the problem- what are the reasons?

2 research the possible solutions

3 choose one better solution

4 implement it.

5 evaluate the results

Yes, its that simple – you need to follow the steps until you get your desired results.


8. Don’t be scared of uncertainty

  • The world keeps on changing. To keep up with it – you have to be open to changes.
  • A forward mindset, learning attitude will help you to survive and thrive in changing times.
  • how to stay updated with change? – attend conferences, read magazines, learn from courses.
  • Ask yourself few questions:

“What can I do to better understand this situation?”

“How might this change improve my life?”

Be ready to adapt and you will be fine.


9. Relate to others

For that, you have to be good communicator. We earlier discussed, that you also have to be good listener in order to understand people and make connections with them.


10. Work on expectations

If you are doing job – you will be expected to finish tasks on given timeline, you will be expected to maximize your skills and experience.

If you are doing business then you will be some expectations from yourself and your teammates as well.

To meet expectations – be responsible, this way you will not feel dissatisfied.

Keep improving yourself to do better.


I am not telling you to work on all 10 strategies altogether. Start gradually and make your career the way you want.