Movies on the road

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 Who does not love to watch movies? Movies are escape for us from real life.

Movies can give us…

Joy of life

Drama and fantasy

Tragedy and the reality

Love lust and attraction

Truth behind the curtain

Wonderland of dreams

Suspense and amazing mystery

Horror/scary land.                   

There is so much more to this list. I am no movie expert or critic so let’s not go into that detail. Today I want to share those movies with you which is all around us and those movies are epic.Those movies don’t need director, producer or not even script writer. These all movies are on theater of this world and amazing news is that you don’t have to buy tickets. Let me share some of my favorite movies which I come across every day in my life.

“Movies on the road”

“Happiness of something unseen, only felt”

Put your glasses on and you will see many people around you on the road where they are smiling without any reason and not worrying about anything and simply enjoying this beautiful life. Don’t you want to be part of that movie?

“Sadness of life”

And yes there are some tragedy kings and queens in this world whom you will find roaming on the road, and realize that no matter who god will put in front of them- they can’t be happy.

(PS – What’s the reason behind disappearing smile on their face is none of your business unless you can make them smile somehow by some small gestures. What are you waiting for? Go and create some smiles).

 “Adventurous eyes of a child”

No matter how busy you will be, you might be running and chasing the time still, when you will see a little child on the road – full of joy, adventurous and curious eyes, seeing and feeling everything by surprise – you will realize how wonderful life god has blessed us with.

“Lost in daydreams- lovers” 

 Lovers. What a beautiful magic of life. These lovers don’t care about people or future they are just so busy in their own dreamy wonderland of love, promises, and adventures. These lovers will create hope in your life that yes- “getting lost in love” is most precious feeling of life.

“Running for nothing and everything too”

These are huge amount of people you will meet on the road who are running, chasing and trying so hard for the life to make them happy. They just know one thing that is running.  May be they don’t even know they what their real destination is.

(PS- Check yourself, are you one of them who run aimlessly? You better not be.)

There are endless amazing movies you will come across while enjoying on the road. I will surely share the stories of this movies as this was just trailer. Now turn off this silly phone or laptop you are reading from. And go outside, watch and enjoy this beautiful amazing “Movies on the road.”