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Darshali Soni is India based author of more than 34+ books. Her best selling series is "Let's learn" Series at the age of 22. Where she has written more than 18 books on different subjects like - Management,Creativity, Digital Marketing,Mind power, Decision making, Time management, Marketing, Getting rich and many more.

Darshali has translated following best seller international books in Gujarati language:

  • 177 Mental Toughness secrets of world class
  • The Power Of Subconscious Mind
  • The Psychology Of Money
She has also written books on spiritual stories. She is the author of a spiritual series called "Sanskrit Sahitya Shreni" containing books on Upnishad, Ved, Ramayana, Mahabharat, Sanskrit Natko, Baudhh stories and many more.

She is author of series "The Ultimate Guide Of Business" including four books on practical business lessons.

She has also written books on children stories such as "Tenaliram stories and Mulla nasrudin".

She's also been a youngest columnist in Phulchhab news paper since 2017. She has written more than 150+ Movie talks in Phulchhab. Her two columns get published in Phulchhab:

1. Movie message aka Movie Talks – Every Friday in multiplex

2. Champion Board – Every Wednesday (A series to become champion for life)

Apart from that, She has started concept called "Movie Talks" for the first time in India. Where she does not review the movie but tells a tale of sharing of Hollywood movies. Check out more about movie talks in following link:


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Whether it’s a book or any of your business document, I will translate it for you. Quality content plays important role while consuming knowledge. And also it’s always easy to understand in regional language. I am offering translation services for your better understanding. I translate in variety of languages such as English, Hindi and Gujarati.


Want to make your content document perfect? Need guidance from experts in writing? I am here to help you in editing. May it be generalized or special editing – I will offer good readability and professional finish to your content.

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Are you good with imagination but not good with words? Do you have immense knowledge but don’t have way to express it? – Here I will come to give you ghost writing experience. I will do the words work. This way your thoughts will be out for the world to explore.

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Do you want to write blog for your company? Do you want to have awesome content for social media? Or do you want to create amazing marketing presentation with cool content. I got you covered. I offer content writing services in English and Gujarati language.

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