Fame & Fans

fame and fans by darshali soni.png

These are the one hell of words that we all are looking for desperately to have in our life. It does not matter that at which stage we all are in our life or which age we are of or how these two words are affecting our life that are  totally unnoticed by us. Honestly, who does not love fame and fans? We all do - starting from kid to 95 year grand ma; would love every second of having fame and fans in their life.  Let's dig deeper in this wonder of fame and fans by focusing on three core parts:



  I didn't Google the definition of fame or fans or didn't read in any books. Let's think basics: if someone recognize you because of all the good deeds you did in your life and all the impossible things you did in your life that may be they could not do. Because of this you get the recognition in your family, friends, society and this whole tiny world. (PS : Yup really tiny world it is) and the people who admire you -  become your fans - the ones who loves you for who you are from outside not because of who you are from  inside. Because the real you is full of imperfections and flows which does not fit into definition of being idol or super star or celebrity or what not other stickers given by the world.



          It is a silly question because now a days in so called virtual world social media are the new homes for us to put all the craziness and all the little and big success of our life to share with the people. No offence but still, do you think that- to put all your life on social media going to make any difference in anyone's life? Yes, may be people will get inspired and will meet new people and jealousy and comparison and all bullshit can take place. I don't want to go in that details because we all know it, feel it. Simple funda is we need fame and fans because it's basically becoming status quo to have many likes and fame and fans to prove that you are actually doing something right in your life.

(PS: seriously we need others approval as in fame and fans to know that we are on the right track? Think about it twice)



 No offence dear readers, though we all know the reality from deep inside still we tend to have this illusionary life of fan and fames. It's not that I am against fame and fans actually that's what makes us real heroes and superstars and celebrity and what not. It is that truth of this shiny life that you can't deny it neither you can't rely on it.  And in answer of whether fame and  fans are good or bad I would say just one thing that in life there is nothing like good or bad it depends upon the perspective you have for life and how you use these words; yup these are only words may be it can create you or it can destroy you too.

Remember fame and fans don't stay forever, our loved ones stay forever.