Story of a brave girl

story of a brave girl.png

We all talk about - dreams, our failures, our challenges and our success stories. And we tend to believe that our problems and failures are the biggest in this world. No person can bear and face the problems like us. Is it so? Let's find out. And for that I have a real story for you. A story of a girl who fought for herself and her dreams.

During my teaching profession, I had this privilege to meet people who wants to do something in their life and achieve their dreams. So I met a girl named Anjali. She wanted to learn English from me so she came for inquiry. I asked her about her family background and her dreams. And there was the start of the inspiration for writing this story.

She is in 11th standard. It’s a family of 3 sisters and her parents. Her father is a carpenter. Her mother goes for cooking - home to home. Her elder sister is getting married soon and she didn't even complete her study due to difficult financial situation. Anjali's younger sister has also left study after ninth standard. Anjali had paralysis when she was in 10th standard. So this is just basic idea of her family background which in fact always affect very much to our life, our decisions and our dreams.

Now I want you to imagine for a minute that- Can you dare to dream of something different? , Can you dare to think where there is no hope of success, getting rich or having girly dream of beautiful marriage? And oh this very " Intelligent test taker - GOD" has given her almost all issues in her life- family, health, career and financial too.

But no! This fighter girl has dreams in her eyes and burning desires in her heart. Her dream is to become teacher. She just does not want to become an ordinary teacher but by becoming teacher she wants to create her own destiny and want to help to her family to fulfill all their dreams. She want to make her own mark.

We all have dreams and desires and we held back sometimes because of situations, people, family, luck, money and what not. Think twice that are you having worse situation and bigger problems in your life than this fighter girl Anjali? Are you facing the worst scenario of your life like Anjali?

Dear readers, if you look back in your life and try to see the unseen blessings that god has given us, you will realize that how lucky you are.  And yes you can dare to dream and get success like Anjali dared.

Anjali dared to dream, will you?