Inside The Mind

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#Insidethemind   :1


Are you living your dream? Are you following your passion?

Don’t worry, it’s not another post of motivation or advertisement for course. 😅


Today I just want you to do little retrospection for yourself. It would be easy trust me.



Usually, we tend to pursue a career which gives more perks to fit in our social world. Rather than choosing the passion we want to follow or the purpose we want to serve.


Think about it once, what if you had all the freedom to live by your passion?

What would you be doing?

Will it be the same path you would be following?

Or something else?


Our life is defined by the purpose we live and the passion we follow. Isn’t it?

What if you could live a life where purpose and passion come together?

Wouldn’t it be amazing? 😇


Food for thought

This time, write down your passion and purpose. And see where you need to make change.

All the best to yourself. 😄